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litania87 [userpic]
Update Leadership and Lovel
by litania87 (litania87)
at May 1st, 2013 (01:59 pm)

L&L part I

Law and Love

What would have happened if Jack and Ennis had been born a few years later? What if they’re famous lawyers working in the same firm? Would Ennis still be afraid of his feelings? Would Jack let happiness run away?

Join Jack and Ennis on their adventures as high powered attorneys, working at the famous Magnet Firm. Jack is a rich, New York bachelor, son of the big boss, and openly gay. Ennis is a country boy who had to fight his way to the top.

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L&L part II

Leadership and Love

After Enrique Twist’s funeral, Jack is a different man. So different that he even gave up the only thing he wanted most in life -- his relationship with Ennis Del Mar. Ennis is determined to win his boyfriend back and return Jack to the life they once had together. But for that to happen, they have to face the new challenges that the firm has to offer together …

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[Chapter 32] [Chapter 33] [Chapter 34] [Chapter 35] [Chapter 36]new!

Especial Scenes

Especial Scene 1 - Heath Ledger's death
Especial Scene 2 - How Daniel and Nick met

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