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Pine Creek - Part 4A (Sequel to "Missing Motel Moments")
by haunted_by_bbm (haunted_by_bbm)
at January 18th, 2007 (02:00 am)

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PINE CREEK - PART 4A (SEQUEL TO "Missing Motel Moments")

“Jack sat on the ground, next to him this time, leaning his right cheek against Ennis’ left thigh, smoking with his left hand, while wrapping his right arm around Ennis’ left calf. Ennis smoked with his right hand, occasionally reaching down with his left to run his fingers softly through Jack’s hair, or to rest his hand lightly on the other man’s shoulder. They sat quietly for a time, so quietly in fact, a few small critters came out of hiding to investigate the camp, not noticing the two still figures at first…quietly smoking, not talking, the sun moving a little further across the sky.” - Pine Creek – Part 4A.


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