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Pine Creek - Part 2 (Sequel to "Missing Motel Moments")
by haunted_by_bbm (haunted_by_bbm)
at January 4th, 2007 (01:51 am)
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Pine Creek – Part 2 (Sequel to “Missing Motel Moments”)

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Ennis/Jack

This story is a simple little ‘add–in' fiction,
my take on what could have happened
up in the mountains, after the Siesta Motel,
at the time of their four-year reunion.

"Jack smiled up into the warm brown eyes gazing upon him, noting the kindness that lived there, a deep understanding reserved only for him…Jack Twist…no one else would ever see that particular look on Ennis del Mar’s face."

Since Annie Proulx’s short story makes a point of saying
that Jack and Ennis never returned to Brokeback after that
first summer together, I’ve speculated that Pine Creek
was the location for the continuation of their reunion.

“Pine Creek” picks up exactly where
“Missing Motel Moments” left off.

Disclaimer: These characters are not mine.
They belong to the wonderful and talented Annie Proulx.

Feedback: Yes, please. :)

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Pine Creek – Part 2

“Sweet Jesus…” Jack finally gasped, “…am I dead?”

“Got yourself an interestin view a Heaven there, Bud…face down in the dirt.” Ennis chuckled, choking on the sand caked to his lips and tongue. “I sorta picture the afterlife bein a prettier place, myself.” Ennis tried to move from his prone position atop Jack’s slippery back. “Holy mother a god…Christ…I can’t move.” Ennis groaned but continued to chuckle, his body shaking and quivering on top of Jack’s slick limbs, completely unable to pull free for the moment.

“God, I can’t breathe…can’t budge…can’t feel my legs. Damn, are they even still there?” Jack was starting to laugh as well, sharing the vibration with Ennis’ quivering body.

“aaarrrggghhh,” Ennis groaned again, slowly and carefully releasing Jack, pulling himself up, back and over, collapsing on the wet ground on his back, eyes closing, his right arm flinging up to lay across his face. “Christ, Jack,” Ennis stammered, “I…I…”

“Yeah…me too,” Jack moaned, pushing both hands forward and up, slowly raising his body just enough to open one eye. “Me too.” And then followed that with another groan, a moan…and then a giggle. “Damn!”

“Yeah…damn is right.” Ennis tilted his head, lifting his arm just enough to expose one eye. “C’mere,” he added tenderly.

“All the way over there, cowboy?” Jack whispered softly. “Can’t hardly move.”


Ennis stretched out his long form with a deep sigh, reaching out for Jack with his right arm. Jack rolled into Ennis’ body, stretching out along his right side, laying his head into the crook of Ennis’ arm, and placing his right hand upon the man’s chest. Ennis pulled Jack in close, breathing deeply, and sighing long and low.

“Yeah.” Ennis pressed his chin into Jack’s hair, and let his left hand wander over to hug Jack’s waist, pulling him even closer.

“Nice.” Jack sighed, eyes still closed, his mouth still covered in dirt, his body still reeling, his heart just now barely beginning to return to a normal beat.

“So, En…you sure I aint dead?” This is feeling pretty darn close to Heaven, if you ask me.” Jack murmured into Ennis’ chest.

“hhhmmm…think there’s less dirt in Heaven…all them angels don’t wanna be cleanin up after the likes a us.” Ennis mused, breathing in the scent of the stream and the smell of the shore, mixed in deeply with Jack’s sweet-smelling hair.

“Well then, s’pose I could be in that there other place…” Jack chuckled low, letting his hand swirl around and around Ennis’ soft curly chest hair.

Ennis sighed deeply, pressing his face further into Jack’s hair.

“You aint allowed to die, Jack.” Ennis whispered low, so low, Jack opened his eyes in order to hear the words better. “You aint allowed to do that, ya hear?” Ennis’ arms gripped tighter. “Don’t even think on it…you can’t…can’t do that…not to m’…” Ennis’ throat seized. “You just can’t. Makin myself clear?” Ennis’ voice became thin and hollow, a brittle shell of a sound, threatening to break if the surrounding air proved to be too strong for it.

“Easy there, cowboy,” Jack whispered. “Aint goin nowhere…and neither are you.” There was a slight tender suspension in time, a moment of mutual understanding in the air, before Jack finally continued, “But damn!!! What a way to go, if’n we did.” And Jack smiled in spite of the serious tone, wanting to bring Ennis back to what they’d just shared.

“Yeah…that was…that was somethin.”

“Aint never felt quite like that before in my life. What is it about doin it outdoors, just gets the blood boilin?” Jack wondered.

“Sure does bring out somethin in us, don’t it?” Ennis agreed. “Felt like we was on Brokeback again, the times when we just throwed down right in the middle a the day…right in the middle a the camp.”

“Good times…” Jack sighed, leaning over and kissing Ennis’ side, adding another layer of dirt to his tongue. “Never wanted the summer to end. Hated it when it did, ‘specially when the job ended early like that. Dumbass Aguirre!” Jack shifted his sore hips on the cold ground and lifted more of his side onto Ennis’ warm body.

“hhhmmm…yeah, you and me both…damn!” Ennis shook his head, remembering that last day, wishing he didn’t have to, wishing certain things hadn’t happened…wanting so much to take one specific thing back. “What I did back then… Shit, Jack.” And Ennis felt his body starting to twitch with the sad memory. “Felt like my guts was being ripped right outa my body, straight through my chest. Wanted that last month. Wanted it real bad. Was angry enough to kill someone…sonofabitch Aguirre, telling us to come down early like that. But shit…what I did…what I did to you...” And Ennis let his left hand reach over to gently stroke Jack’s cheek.

“Was the other cheek, Bud.” Jack smiled.

“Shiiit…let me have my moment here, would ya?”

“It’s okay, En…really, it’s okay now, and it was okay then too. I knew…I knew what you was thinkin and how you was feelin, cuz I was feelin it too. Didn’t wanna come down off that mountain. Felt like a horse kicked me in the gut when Aguirre told me to bring the sheep on down. I knew...I knew…”

Ennis sighed and pulled Jack closer. “Still…shoulda told you I was sorry…so sorry for that punch. Just…just couldn’t even barely look on you right at the end there. Your face was startin to swell and turn purple, and I just couldn’t barely stand knowin that I’d done it. Jack…” Ennis buried his face deep into Jack’s hair. Jack could feel Ennis’ racing heart through the top of his own head. “Jack…I’m so sorry…” Ennis choked on the words, his throat constricting, his tongue dry and brittle, but not from the dirt and sand. “Please…you gotta know how sorry I am.”

“En,…I know…I know. S‘okay...really, it is.” Jack sunk lower into Ennis’ body, willing the man to feel the words. Jack had truly never given much thought to that punch after that day they’d parted. He’d always understood the pain behind it. All his days since then of thinking on Ennis, over the past four years, had been focused on the fine memories, the good times, all the laughter they’d shared. Jack had forced that last day out a his mind, knowing Ennis hadn’t really wanted to hurt him, only lashed out to release a small portion of the strangling pain, lest it squeeze the life right out a him. If he hadn’t, Ennis’ heart very well may have exploded in his chest that day, so overwhelmed had he been with emotions he couldn’t even name, let alone understand.

“We good then,” Ennis sighed, knowing the answer, but for once in his life wanting to hear it anyway.

“Yeah, Ennis…we always been good.

The two lay that way for a while longer, only vaguely aware of the dropping temperature and the sinking sun.


“Yeah, cowboy?”

“Your gun go off…twice?”

“uuuhhhuuummm,” Jack moaned softly.


“uuuhhhuuummm,” Jack sighed. “Thought you was gonna go on forever…man, just crank you up, and you stay cranked up.” Jack chuckled. “My very own ‘Power-Ennis 1000’.” Jack teased, his mind wandering to all the fun commercials he could write to advertise such a ‘P.- E. 1000’ machine. Jack couldn’t stop smiling at the notion.

Ennis kissed the top of Jack’s head, and squeezed his eyes tight. “It’s you, Jack…always been you.” Ennis whispered hoarsely.

Both men sighed…and then shivered, finally becoming aware of the cold.

“Damn, think we gotta move…but sure don’t want to. Just wanna lay here, have you keep me warm.” Jack nuzzled deeper into Ennis’ chest, breathing in his scent, tasting the dirt on his torso…and then sputtered and spit, laughing, and finally looking up, “Damn, man…you’re filthy!”

“Me! Look at you!” Ennis laughed. “You’re covered in mud!”

Jack finally shifted and raised up on one elbow to get a good look at Ennis, and just busted out laughing. “Oh my god…do I really look as bad as you?!”

“Worse!” Ennis howled, laughter shaking his body and causing Jack to roll the rest of the way off.

Jack grimaced and grunted as he finally found his way to his feet, extending his hand to Ennis, pulling the man up off the ground with another forceful grunt. Ennis’ right hand came up to lightly stroke Jack’s filthy cheek…he’d seen the grimace…and then he let the same hand drift down the side of Jack’s beautiful body, stroking gently as he did so, until it finally came to rest softly on Jack’s ass…touching lightly…pressing gently.

“You okay, Bud,” Ennis whispered.

“Oh, yeah, you know it.” Jack winked, even as he unknowingly grimaced again, stretching, groaning, trying to bring back the life to his weak and staggering limbs.

Jack reached over and brushed the dirt off of Ennis’ lips, stroking gently as he did so. Ennis leaned over and did the same, and then they kissed…
slowly and quietly…the simple breeze, the towering mountain, the bubbling stream, and the shifting sun…the only witnesses to their shared emotion.

Resting for a moment more, both bodies simply leaning upon each other, Jack finally moaned and was the first to speak.

“Gotta get some a this dirt off.”


“Wish we didn’t have to get back in that water…but thinkin we gotta…”


“Damn…it’s gonna be even colder than the first time.”


“You ready?”


“Okay then…let’s do this.” And the two men, amid gasps, chokes, sputters, and curses, jumped back into the icy stream just long enough to get rid of most of the dirt.

“You got some more dirt in your hair there, Bud.” Ennis reached for Jack and dunked him under, but not before Jack latched on to Ennis’ arm and dragged him down with him. Rinsed as clean as they were gonna get, both men ran shivering and shaking, bouncing a bit to avoid stepping on anything sharp, back to the truck, where Jack had thought to pack a few towels in one of the duffel bags.

“Ouch! Fuckin shit!! Son of a bitch!!!” Jack hopped on one foot as they reached the side of the truck, having come down hard on a rock. Muttering to himself, “Gotta think it through next time…gotta grab the stuff outa the truck before jumpin into the damn water! Damn! Ouch!! Fuck!!!”

Ennis just smiled, knowing there was really no need for an ‘I told you so,'...not this time.

Shaking the whole time, both men dried off as quickly as they could, and pulled their clothes back on with shuddering hands and limbs. Ennis felt his body start to warm the moment the fabric hit his skin, but he looked over at Jack with concern. The other man’s lips were almost blue, he was shaking so hard. Jack started to put his hat on over his wet hair, but Ennis stopped him, and pulled him over, lowering the tailgate on the truck, and making Jack sit down.

“Whatcha doin?” Jack asked, confused.

“Hush up and sit still for a minute,” Ennis commanded, grabbing one of the towels and starting to work it furiously on Jack’s head, drying his thick hair quickly. “My mama…God love her…I remember her sayin something when I was real little. She used to say that we lose a bunch of our body heat outa the top a our heads. Never knew what she was goin on about at the time…but you know, it usually ends up that mamas are always right, ‘specially about stuff like that,” and Ennis continued to work the rough towel back and forth. “I remember her gettin after me to dry my hair… ‘Keep ya from getting sick,’ she would say. Real smart lady…my mama.” Ennis sighed with the pleasant memory.

Jack just sat still, his head lowered, a smile on his lips, his eyes warm and full, letting Ennis have his way, drying his hair.

“Damn, you got a mess a hair, Twist!” Ennis exclaimed a moment later, Jack chuckling and suggesting maybe he should shave it all off. At that proposal, Ennis’ hand froze, his other hand reaching down for Jack’s chin, raising it up just enough for their eyes to meet. “Don’t you fuckin dare do that!” Ennis laughed, but his eyes were serious, letting Jack know just how much the man was attached to this particular part of his body.

Jack just nodded, no need for words, pursing his lips as though deep in thought, and marveled at how Ennis was still continuing to surprise him.

Clean, dry, and no longer shaking, both men set up camp, together, just as they had on Brokeback…Jack putting up the tent, Ennis building the fire pit.
Tasks completed, Ennis walked over, tugging on one of the tent poles, smiling, and remembering a conversation from years earlier.

“Tent don’t look right…”

Jack looked up, surprised and startled, but then saw the smile in Ennis’ eyes.

Jack rolled his own eyes heavenward, trying to remember the words to continue, and said,

“Well…it aint goin nowhere…let it be…”

“That harmoni…” But then Ennis stopped. “Hey, where is that harmonica? You bring it with ya?”

Jack shook his head, still smiling. “Nah…didn’t even think ‘bout it. Been a while since I played it. In fact…” But Jack stopped and let his voice trail off.



“No, really…what was ya gonna say?”

“Just realized right now…aint played it at all since…well, since then, since the last day we was up there on Brokeback, right before you came down from the sheep and I had to tell you Aguirre had been by.”

“hhhmmm,” Ennis responded, looking pensive for just a moment, not knowing how else to respond.

“But ya know, it got pretty flattened when that mare threw me,” Jack winked quickly, wanting to lighten the mood again.

Ennis harrumphed.

“Thought you said that mare couldn’t throw you,” Ennis turned as he spoke, so Jack couldn’t see his smile.

But Jack felt the smile all the same, even as Ennis turned.

“She got lucky…” Jack finished, unable to stop his laughter at this point.

Ennis walked away, chuckling, his foot coming up against one of the bags Jack had brought with him. Ennis heard the distinctive sound of metal clanking against metal.

“Whatcha got in here, Bud?”

“Oh that…well, just some supplies,” Jack grinned.

Ennis hunkered down, opening the canvas bag, and then just shook his head.

“No! Oh no…you didn’t! Ennis couldn’t contain his surprise or his laughter. At the bottom of the dirty canvas bag lay six very familiar-looking light blue cans…of ‘Better Most’ beans.

“Shit. Never thought cans a beans could look so good.” Ennis muttered to himself. “Fuck, Twist…you’re somethin…”

Jack winked, proceeding to show Ennis the rest of the supplies he’d thrown together, enough food for a coupla days, coffee, whiskey, and pots and utensils. ‘Just in case,’ Jack had told himself when he’d left Texas for the fourteen hour drive to Wyoming…and now, he was mighty glad he had. Plus, they’d both brought their poles to fish…although neither really felt much like fishing at the moment. Ennis got the fire going while Jack pulled out some biscuits, peeled some potatoes, and opened up two cans of beans. Ennis glanced over at him, laughing, as Jack spilled some of the beans all over his arm and shirt.

“Fuck, Jack…” Ennis chortled, “You aint no better with that damn thing then you were four years ago.” Ennis couldn’t contain his mirth, something about watching Jack just always made his face wanna split open from side to side.

Jack started to respond with a smart-ass comment, but when he looked up and saw Ennis’ smiling face, he simply shrugged. “Can’t really argue with that…still can’t cook worth a damn neither,” Jack added, chuckling.

Ennis walked over and hunkered down next to Jack, noticing the man had even thought to bring tiny plastic containers of salt and pepper.

“hhhmmm,” Ennis mused, picking them up and glancing warmly at Jack struggling with the second can a beans. “S’okay there, Rodeo…you done real good here with everythin you brought,” Ennis spoke softly. Jack smiled…and then proceeded to spill the second can a beans all over the other sleeve.

“Shit! Damn, I’m completely worthless with this thing,” Jack laughed, tossing the can opener back into the bag, moving over to the fire, placing both cans on top of the grate over the flames. Within moments, the simple food started to smell pretty darn good, both men hungry again, their earlier activity burning up everything they’d eaten for lunch, and then some.

“C’mere,” Ennis whispered low, for the second time that afternoon, as he reached over for Jack’s collar and pulled the other man in close for a kiss. “Thank you,” Ennis whispered quietly against Jack’s lips.

“For what…aint done nothin,” Jack whispered back, not moving from the warmth of Ennis’ weathered but soft lips.

“For…for…just comin…bein here…” Ennis responded, feeling his face grow warm…not knowing how to say everything that he was feeling. He wanted Jack to just know…and for the most part, Jack did.

“Any time, cowboy,” Jack answered, “any time,” just as the beans started to sizzle, bubble and boil over. “See what I mean,” Jack laughed. “Still can’t cook worth a damn!” He chuckled, rescuing the cans just before they erupted like mini volcanoes.

Ennis laughed, and they both settled in to savor the best and most comforting outdoor meal they’d enjoyed in a very long time.

They sat comfortably, close to the fire, Jack’s right foot so close in fact, the heel of his boot was threatening to be kissed by the flames. Ennis looked up at one point, mouth full a beans, saw how close Jack was to the blaze, and squinted his eyes to look more closely at the man. He wasn’t shaking any more…he looked warm enough. Ennis sighed contentedly and continued devouring the food, still marveling over how such simple fixins could taste so good right now.

“You warm enough there, Bud?” Ennis asked casually, not wanting to harass Jack, but feeling an interesting, yet confusing, responsibility nonetheless. It reminded him of how he’d felt years ago, when he’d shot that elk. That had been for Jack. And then there’d been that time he’d written ‘soup’ on the supply list. That had been for Jack too. He couldn’t define it at the time, but looking back now, Ennis knew he’d wanted to do those things for Jack…wanted to sorta take care a stuff…wanted to see Jack smile.

And now, Ennis found himself thinking he didn’t want to ever see Jack’s eyes looking frozen over again, as they had on that one day…long time ago. Didn’t wanna see his buddy that cold, ever again. Jack Twist stopped smiling when he was cold.

“I’m fine, En. I’m good. ‘Sides…I know how to get warmed up, if’n I do get a bit cold,” Jack raised a teasing eyebrow on that note, Ennis warming clear down to his bones, and not from the beans or the fire.

“hhhmmm,” was all Ennis needed to add.

They finished their meal, the sun having moved completely to the west, gracing them with a beautiful orange and purple sky to overlook their feast of biscuits, beans and potatoes. Ennis stretched, Jack yawned, both men smiled, and without a word, cleaned up together, and then came back to sit as one, Jack on the ground in front of Ennis, Ennis atop a stump, as they passed the whiskey bottle between them, sitting as close to the fire as they could, watching the flames, feeling the heat, being warmed clear to the core…by the fire, the food, the whiskey, and the company.

“Like the new truck,” Ennis spoke again after a time. “Is it a ’65?”

“ ‘66…bought it new last year.” Jack was happy with the purchase, so glad to finally have a vehicle that didn’t break down every other minute. But he knew things weren’t quite as financially optimistic for Ennis just yet, and didn’t want to sound like he was bragging. He glanced up over his shoulder to look at the brown-eyed man above him, who was smiling and nodding, the look on his face one of true happiness for his friend.

“Good…that’s good…good for you,” Ennis squeezed his shoulder as Jack sighed relief and leaned back further against Ennis’ thighs, Ennis leaning forward to hand the bottle once again down to Jack. “Get good gas mileage?” Ennis queried.

“Yup.” And then Jack chuckled. “Lot better than my last truck,” Jack turned slightly again to look up at Ennis’ face as he made this last comment. Still laughing, “I swear I spent half my time under that piece a shit tryin to keep her runnin when I first went down to Texas.”

Ennis smiled. “So you finally admittin that was a piece a shit you was drivin that day we met?”

Jack yawned and handed the bottle back up to Ennis. “Never said it wasn’t…just didn’t really say nothin at all,” Jack laughed, smilin next to Ennis’ legs, spreading them further apart, so he could sit back even more, now leaning and pressing fully into Ennis’ groin.

“hhhmmm…true enough,” Ennis stretched and leaned down, adjusting his legs to better enjoy the full length and weight of Jack leaning against him, while wrapping one arm around Jack’s shoulder, letting his hand play with the top of Jack’s shirt, undoing the first two buttons.

Jack leaned his head back so it was touching Ennis’ firm stomach, running his right hand along the underside of one strong denim-clad thigh, letting out a sigh of contentment.

Ennis let his left hand slip inside the top of Jack’s shirt, slowly rubbing against the soft cotton of the T- shirt underneath, the only sounds surrounding them being the flickering of the fire, and the persistent calling of an owl in the distance…for a few minutes more, before the conversation picked up once again.

“Hey, Bud…you watch that big game back in January? They started something new this year…called it the Super Bowl.”

“Sure did. Lost money on the damn thing…bet on the Chiefs.”

“You gotta be shittin me! You didn’t! You bet against the Packers?” What would ya do a dumbass thing like that for?”

“Hell, I just…took a guess, had a hunch or somethin…but I was wrong,” Jack laughed in spite of the memory of the money he’d lost, and how angry Lureen had been about it.

“Hell, Twist. Don’t you pay any attention at all to what’s goin on?” Ennis continued. “Now, Lombardi…the Packer’s coach…some folks say he’s the best the game has ever seen. And the quarterback, ‘Starr,’ well, damn! Let’s just say that his name is real ‘fittin’.” Ennis was tapping his hand on Jack’s chest as he spoke, remembering the game…undoing another button on Jack’s shirt as he did so, handing the bottle back down to him with his other hand.

“What was the final score again?” Jack questioned, accepting the bottle and drinking deeply.

“35-10.” Great game.”

“Did you bet on it?”

“Nah…damn. Alma woulda killed me if I’d bet our rent money on a football game.”

“But you woulda won!” Jack laughed.

“True enough…but still think she woulda been mad,” Ennis winked. “Women, ya know.”

“True enough.” Jack nodded.

“Women,” Ennis intoned again, more to himself than to Jack, wondering for just a moment if Alma would have maybe appreciated the extra money in the long run, if Ennis had taken the chance on betting on the game. He sighed deeply, knowing in his heart he wasn’t yet providing everything his family truly needed, but tried to force the negative thought from his mind, at least for a time. Jack was still talking about the game.

“It was played someplace out in California, wasn’t it? Someplace I aint never heard of before. What was it called again…two words…Spanish sounding…?”

“Los Angeles.” Ennis answered.

“Yeah, that was it. Los Angeles. ‘City of Angels’…huh…somehow I doubt that,” Jack chuckled low in his throat, trying to imagine why anyone would want to live in a place called ‘Los Angeles.’

Ennis laughed right along with him.

“You got me there, Bud. You couldn’t pay me to live in a town like that.”

Jack grunted approval, handing the bottle back up to Ennis, indicating with his eyes that he was done with it, while Ennis popped open the fourth and fifth buttons on Jack’s shirt with his left hand.

“You havin fun there, Bud?” Jack spoke, finally acknowledging Ennis’ busy fingers.

“uuuhhhuuummm,” Ennis sighed deeply, setting aside the bottle, leaning further down on top of Jack’s head, sliding both hands under the coarse fabric of Jack’s shirt, and filling both hands with the soft cotton of the undershirt, gripping it loosely, so as not to pull on Jack’s massive amounts of newly sprouted chest hair, tugging softly, managing to lift the cotton shirt from the confines of Jack’s jeans. Jack sighed, closing his eyes and leaning back deeper, reaching down to remove his belt buckle with one hand, tugging both shirts loose from his waistband.

“Feels nice.” Jack whispered low, his head feeling relaxed and heavy, rolling loosely on his neck, his chin coming to rest on his chest, as Ennis continued with his downward mission to free all of Jack’s buttons from their openings.

“uuuhhhuuummm.” Ennis agreed, eyes closing, working down to the last two buttons, his hands sliding up and underneath at the bottom, stroking firmly against Jack’s strong muscled stomach.

Jack laid his right hand on top of Ennis’ counterpart, holding him close as he stroked first up, and then back down again, the thick hair curling underneath both sets of fingers, getting caught and tugging…Ennis smiling, Jack laughing.

“You’d think all this hair I done sprouted would help keep me warm a bit more,” Jack thought sleepily, yawning, bringing Ennis’ hand to his lips for a quick kiss, before replacing it in the thick curls of his stomach and chest.

“hhhmmm,” Ennis agreed, “ya did get mighty hairy at that.” Ennis leaned further forward, whispering against Jack’s left ear. “Did I mention I kinda like it?”

Jack could feel Ennis’ smile through the quivering lips on his ear.

“Yeah, cowboy. Think you said somethin to that affect.” Jack felt his entire body warming, and it wasn’t due to the fire. “How you manage to stay so warm, though?” Jack continued, questioning. “You aint nearly so hairy, and you don’t seem to get as cold as I do at times. Damn, didn’t you say somethin about havin to work through a blizzard last Christmas?”

“Fuck!!! Don’t even get me started on that sonofabitch, crazy-ass, cold-hearted, mutherfuckin, low-paying, hard-drivin, no-common-sense-havin, stupid-ass, mean!…Did I say sonofabitch?…Foreman!!! Don’t even get me started on him!” Ennis growled at the memory of last Christmas, freezing his ass off, still working while everyone else was enjoying their Christmas dinner. Alma sad and furious, his little girls not understanding why their mama was mad and their daddy wasn’t home. Ennis’ demeanor grew dark and gloomy at the memory of it all.

Jack smiled and squeezed his hand. “Easy there cowboy…didn’t mean to get ya all riled up. You mentioned it this mornin, so I thought I’d ask is all.” Jack continued to smile and squeeze. Ennis let out a deep breath, relaxing again…very slowly.

“Yeah, it’s just…well…even though they’re probably too young to remember it…I felt bad for my girls…ya know? Daddies are supposed to be home on Christmas, and I…well…I just don’t want ‘em thinkin that I didn’t care. Don’t want ‘em thinkin that I’m a bad daddy.”

Jack pressed Ennis’ hand to his cheek, sighing and kissing it, before speaking again, very softly, whispering.

“You’re a good man, Ennis del Mar…I’m sure you’re a wonderful daddy…and I’m sure your girls know it.” Jack sighed, continuing a little sadly. “Don’t know about me though…don’t know if I got what it takes to be a good daddy.”

“Shiiit! Shut your mouth, Jack Twist! What you sayin that for?”

“Nah…I’m serious, En. Don’t think I’m very good at it. Don’t feel very good at anything most a the time.” Jack sighed. “Bobby’s beautiful, the most amazing child ya ever did see. Already got a toothless grin on him to stop the sun…but still…most a the time…I’m afraid to touch him. Afraid to do somethin wrong, or mess somethin up.”

“Come on now,” Ennis wrapped Jack tight with both arms. “Betcha bein hard on yourself. Betcha hold him just fine. Betcha even changed his diaper once or twice, haven’t ya?”

Jack laughed at that, turning completely around at this point to look up into the taller man’s face. “Well, yeah, as a matter a fact…but only cuz Lureen made me,” Jack added, the laughter starting low and erupting deep, shaking them both as Jack straightened up, getting on his knees, pushing Ennis’ legs a little further apart as he did so.

Ennis rumbled with soft laughter, pulling Jack closer, “Betcha do just fine, Bud. Betcha do just fine…”

Jack smiled up into the warm brown eyes gazing upon him, noting the kindness that lived there, a deep understanding reserved only for him…Jack Twist…no one else would ever see that particular look on Ennis del Mar’s face.

Jack scooted in closer for a moment, wrapping both arms around Ennis’ back, pulling the man forward, leaning his left cheek against Ennis’ warm torso, pushing aside the thick corduroy of the jacket, and rubbing his face against the fabric of Ennis’ striped shirt, before pulling back just enough to start going to work on the other man’s buttons.

“You ahead a me here, cowboy…you got my buttons all undone already,” Jack’s cold fingers struggling with the stiff fabric and icy plastic fasteners.

Ennis took both of Jack’s hands in his own, raising them up to his mouth, blowing on them, warming them up.

“You need to wear your gloves all the time, Bud. You just lose too much a your heat.” Ennis pressed Jack’s fingers to his mouth, kissing them, sucking them in, one at time, between his warm lips and heated tongue.

Jack gasped, “Why would I wanna do that…when I got you doin this?”

Ennis smiled through Jack’s fingers, pulling him closer, reaching out then with his right hand to grab Jack softly behind his left ear, fingers gently gripping the hair, bringing Jack’s face within a hairsbreadth of his own lips, stroking Jack’s waves, before whispering, “And don’t you never shave this off…don’t even joke about it.” Ennis tugged on Jack’s hair, before coming down hungrily on Jack’s lips, groaning as he did so, needing the taste of the man so much…wondering how it was possible to never, ever get his fill.

Jack pulled away first, leaning to kiss Ennis’ nose, and then his chin.

“C’mon…c’mere,” Jack whispered, pulling Ennis to his feet, pressing the strong hand to his own cheek, and then walking Ennis to the waiting tent…the tent that ‘don’t look right…’ but would serve the purpose all the same.

“Little bigger than what we had before,” Ennis noted.

“hhhmmm,” Jack agreed, finishing off the rest of Ennis’ buttons.

“Little cleaner too…don’t smell like cat piss or nothin,” Ennis added.

“hhhmmm,” Jack smiled, pulling both Ennis’ shirts up and off.

“Sturdy lookin poles…bet they hol…” Ennis started; Jack interrupted.


“Yeah, Bud.”

“Shut up. Stop talkin’. Kiss me.” Jack smiled.

Ennis didn’t need to be told twice. Jack blinked and his shirts were off, his body being held, his lips being kissed, his limbs being rotated down to the sleeping bag while Ennis pulled off his boots and jeans. Jack blinked again, and Ennis was naked as well, his warm, nimble fingers stripping off the remainder of his clothing, pushing Jack farther down into the warm bag, crawling in beside him, pulling him close, and kissing him deeply.

“Like that, Rodeo?” Ennis whispered lazily, nibbling on Jack’s lip, running his tongue along the bottom edge, and up to that delectable dimple, the one that had been teasing Ennis all day.

“Yeah, cowboy, like that just fine,” Jack sighed, kissing Ennis all along his jaw line, first up one side, and then the other, stopping to give proper attention to both ear lobes, Ennis moaning from the warm, wet contact.

“You always did like the kissin part, Rodeo,” Ennis added again…just as he had in the motel room the day before.

“True enough,” Jack sighed into Ennis’ ear. “Like kissin ya, En…all over.”
Jack shifted in the sleeping bag, starting to move lower.

“Where you goin there, Bud,” Ennis teased. “Was just startin to get used to this kissin part.” Ennis couldn’t keep the smile nor the fire out of his voice.

“Aint ya listenin,” Jack smirked, his voice now muffled in the confines of the sleeping bag, his body now lying the other way, on his side, his hot breath warming Ennis’ groin, his own throbbing heat just fractions away from Ennis’ face. “Told ya I like kissin ya…all over.” Jack’s words were muted, but understandable through the thick layers of the bag.

Ennis wrapped his right arm around Jack’s hip, pulling himself closer to the other man’s equally engorged body, groaning deeply as Jack took him in fully in his warm eager mouth, one part on Jack that stayed continually blazing, no matter what the temperature was outside.

“Jaaack,” Ennis moaned, as Jack consumed him hungrily, no teasing, no licking, no nipping, just swallowed him whole and stroked him tightly, hungrily, with full knowing lips. Ennis buried his face in Jack’s pelvic bone, rubbing deeper into the coarse, wiry hair, taking in the musky smell of him, mixed in with the scent of the stream, the fuzz of the cotton towel, the lingering odor of denim…all the smells together creating the perfect drug…the smoky inhalation of Jack Twist encircling his brain, creating a misty euphoric high, leaving his mind in a dazed and confused but blissful fog, until he too turned, and consumed Jack hungrily, taking him in hard and fast and whole, the dual sensation creating a lurching motion in his body, bucking him convulsively as his right arm gripped tighter, pulling Jack’s slick ready body deeper into his mouth. He felt Jack twitch and shake and moan against him, the pleasure different…deeper, more intense…never having consumed each other this way before…together…both men lying on their left sides, gripping strongly with their right arms, pulling each other closer and tighter with each downward stroke of their mouths.

Ennis was only vaguely aware of worrying about Jack’s breathing under the weight of the sleeping bag…didn’t want him to stop…didn’t want to take the time to unzip the bag…couldn’t barely breathe himself…just wanted to keep going…just wanted to feel…so much…too much…yet, never, ever enough.

Ennis groaned as he tasted the slick, sweet tang of Jack’s juices wanting to flow. Jack had started a low unremitting moan moments earlier, continuing to rise, filling the bag, flooding the tent. Jack’s moans proving a trigger for Ennis’ own quivering body, swaying harder, gripping tighter, his own need starting to leak out, coating Jack’s tongue, dripping into his mouth, sending rippling waves of euphoria to Jack’s brain and body, as he plunged deeper, Ennis’ shuddering cock hitting the back of Jack’s throat, pulsing and quaking with every thrust.

Ennis felt his brain call out Jack’s name, but his voice couldn’t work, wouldn’t work, as he refused to stop taking Jack in deeply, even as he felt his own body explode, with no verbal warning, his mouth transfixed on his own hungry journey, Ennis shook and moaned violently as he felt his body split and pour forth into Jack’s mouth, groaning with near-cries, as he willed himself not to bite down with the shuddering, not to inadvertently scrape teeth against Jack’s sensitive flesh, as his body continued to lunge and buck and burst. Ennis willed his mouth to keep moving with the sensation, groaning, stroking with firm lips in time with his bucking frame, pausing only when needed to control the convulsing, but needing Jack so much, wanting to taste him…the shuddering release, the screaming of his senses…Ennis’ brain was crying out to Jack, though his mouth couldn’t articulate.

‘now Jack…now…now…’ Ennis’ brain was reeling, just a fraction of a moment before he felt it…Jack’s tell-tale groan, starting at his toes, erupting through his body, and traveling through both of them to explode in Ennis’ mouth, the fluid overflowing, Ennis grabbing Jack tighter and pulling him in as far as he could go, so far, so tight, Ennis could hear Jack letting loose and screaming even through his own full and dripping mouth, even through the thickness of the sleeping bag.

Ennis held on long and swallowed deep, tasting all of Jack, holding him so close, with no noticeable division in their flesh, his mouth pressed and working and accepting everything Jack could give him. Jack doing the same, continuing to stroke with his lips, drinking deeply, voraciously, swallowing hard, and licking for more, not coming up for air until Ennis was spent and quivering...both men content, both well satisfied.

Ennis finally released Jack first, gasping, eyes closed, trying to breathe, reaching down into the sleeping bag with his right arm to grab Jack’s hand and tug him forward.

Jack released Ennis as well, sighing against his wet, warm flesh, breathing deeply, running his wet tongue one last time up the entire length of Ennis’ body before letting himself be pulled by Ennis’ strong arm up and out of the confines of the bag, into the heated air of the tent.

Ennis rolled and shifted onto his back, pulling Jack up into his arms and across his chest, Jack holding him tightly, only opening one eye just long enough to observe, “We done steamed up this here tent but good.”

Ennis chuckled low in his chest, a deep rumbling warmth that wrapped up Jack tighter than any sleeping bag could ever hope to do, pulling him closer, and holding him tenderly.

“That we did,” Ennis agreed, breathing deeply into Jack’s hair. And they lay that way for a long time, neither saying another word for a while, both of them so close to falling asleep…before Ennis had a final thought, and added quietly,


“hhhmmm,” Jack responded sleepily.

“Why’d we wait so long to try it that way, huh?”

Jack just smiled…and both men drifted off to sleep.



Author’s Note:

The first ever AFL-NFL World Championship Game in professional American football, later to be known as Super Bowl I, was played on January 15, 1967 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California.

The National Football League (NFL) champion, the Green Bay Packers, scored three second-half touchdowns en route to a 35-10 win over the American Football League (AFL) champion, the Kansas City Chiefs. Green Bay quarterback, Bart Starr, earned the very first Super Bowl MVP in NFL history by throwing 16 of 23 for 250 yards and two touchdowns, with one interception.